Retain Your Clients.

Your clients are already thinking about switching to Airbnb rentals – plug that hole before they flood on out. Partnering with and chill allows you to keep your clients and offer them the high Airbnb returns.

Maintain Your Rental Revenue.

Partnering with and chill allows your agency to retain a healthy revenue stream from property management, without any hassle. We deal with the guests and you get to keep your commission income. Almost doesn’t sound fair?

Be innovative.

The real estate industry is being disrupted by new digital platforms. Allow your clients to see you at the forefront of this innovation, providing them with the data to make informed investment decisions.

Your Clients, Your Revenue.

We’re your partner in short term property management.

Keep your clients
You maintain full access to your clients property performance, allowing you to be informed everytime you keep in-touch.

Keep your revenue
You’ll continue to receive ongoing commissions from every property you switch to short-term leasing with and chill, so your agency can build diversified income streams.

Own your clients.Relationships are key. We understand that the rent roll is as much about diversified business income streams as it is about maintaining relationships. You own your clients, keep and foster your relationships. We just do the heaving lifting of day-to-day management, whilst delivering higher returns to investors.
Sales Referrals.Property investors are a great source of vendors and purchasers for the real estate property market. Not only will you keep your clients, but you will receive referrals from and chill for clients looking to buy and looking to sell. More off market listings, more commissions and more success stories.
Don't miss out.With over 600% growth of Airbnb in Australia, this market is a great opportunity. This gives you access to this market and this opportunity. You won’t lose the rent roll to Airbnb anymore, instead you’ll share in a slice of the Airbnb pie.
Options.Investors now have the option to list with a traditional long term lease or to go on Airbnb and make the most of the Asian tourism boom. You now have the ability to give your clients the option, the choice on what they would like to do and you earn commissions either way. Option A or B, the agency wins.
Diversified Income Stream.Never put all your eggs in the one basket. By incorporating and chill into your business model you generate a diversified business income stream. You’re not only receiving sales commissions, property management fees but now you get to reduce some risk and receive income that’s focused in tourism but draws on property. An extra income stream that comes at no cost.

A trusted partner to the best.

Working with established agencies across Australia, we're able to deliver outstanding results time-and-time again.

Let's start a relationship.

Let's start a relationship.

We’re ready for you. Let’s chat about how we can energise your agency with Airbnb.