Airbnb Investment Advice

Make informed investment decisions. Explore the revenue and occupancy rates of short-term rentals across Australia, and chill.


Expand your property portfolio with ease

We accurately estimate the returns of Airbnb rental investments across Australia.

Finding a location

Every investor is different. We look at investing specifically for those seeking higher returns from Airbnb, taking into account your risk appetite, your current property portfolio and legislative restrictions on short-term renting.

Zero-ing in on an investment property

The real beauty of our service is getting right into the particulars of each property. We can compare what actual properties are making and then cross-reference to see what is available on the market.

Forecast exact returns

With all the numbers from our research, you can see what returns you can expect for properties on the market. You can assess Airbnb investments using common real estate metrics, taking into account cash-flow and forecast capital gains.

Airbnb investing, zero fuss.

All the details are accounted for, giving you an accurate forecast of your net financial position.

Working out regulations

Not all state governments, local councils or neighbours consider Airbnb to be their friend. We take a deep-dive into the practicalities of getting legitimately set up so once you’re earning it can’t be taken away.

Accounting for all the costs

It’s easy to show headline revenue, but to make astute investments, we need to take into consideration all the potential costs, from furnishing right down to an internet connection.


Make informed investment decisions

Working with an and chill Investment Advisor allows you to maximise your portfolio returns.


Current State Analysis

Let’s sit down and chat. We need to understand your current investments to determine how Airbnb can fit nicely in your portfolio.


Opportunity Research

We’ll scout the market. Taking into account both sides of the equation: Airbnb rental returns possible and capital investment required.


Portfolio Forecast

Crunching the numbers is where the fun happens. We’ll calculate your cash-flow forecast and the changes in equity on your balance sheet.


Buy Facilitation

You won’t be leaving empty handed. You’ll get a report with all the data to make an informed decision, and we can do everything to get keys in your hands.

Get started.

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