Landlord insurance.

We take care of your insurance. We’re prepared for the unexpected.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes accidents happen. We’re here to get your property back ready for guests as soon as possible. We’ll roll up our sleeves and put our team of legal minds to work sorting out your insurance claim.

Most issues that arise are able to be sorted out super-quick directly with the guest or through the booking channel. Where possible, we’ll just charge the guest who caused any damage the cost of repair. When this isn’t possible, that’s when we’ll jump in and process an insurance claim.

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance.

The Airbnb Host Protection Insurance programme provides you peace of mind, protecting you against third party claims of property damage or bodily injury up to $1 million.

Additional Insurance Cover.

We’ll provide additional insurance to ensure your property remains secure. This includes building, contents, public liability and personal injury.

Complete Claims Management.

In the situation something does go wrong, we’re here to manage the entire claims process. We have documented evidence and the skills in-house ready to act to get your property ready for guests again.

We're data-driven.Our pricing strategy is unique. We care about getting the highest annual return. Our aim isn't to have bookings months ahead, we know the highest price is going to be paid 15-20 days out - so we're analysing and adjusting prices every day to increase your average nightly rate.
We're tech-driven.We keep track of how every clean is going in real-time through our mobile app. We're notified as soon as our Property Host arrives and again once done, allowing guests to check-in as soon as the house is ready to go.
We're focused on efficiency.We transform empty properties into five star Airbnb homes lightning fast. We also make sure all utilities are connected ready to ensure lights are on, gas is cooking and high-speed internet is ready for guests to check-in pronto.

Go on. Find out how much your property could earn.

Go on. Find out how much your property could earn.