Airbnb Rental Guarantee

Make the switch to risk-free rentals.


Switching to Airbnb will allow you to earn more money from your investment. We'll even guarantee it.

and chill is offering property investors in Brisbane with a 6% rental guarantee, net of property management fees for 24 months. Now that's confidence.

Launched in Brisbane

Our rental guarantee is currently limited to Brisbane, but stay tuned for more regions. We'll also assess each property to ensure it has solid potential for short term renting.

5-star Home Setup Package

A key reason we can be confident in our ability to achieve such high returns is due to our Home Styling. All rental guarantee properties need to be styled and furnished by and chill.

24 sweet months

You'll be guaranteed a 6% yield net of property management fees across a 24 month period - plus unlimited upside when the property outperforms in peak season.

6%, net income

When we talk rental guarantees, we talk about the actual return our property investors get - what ends up in your pocket. Our 6% yield guarantee is after property management fees have been taken out, so that's what is going to hit your account. Guaranteed.

Find out how much you could earn each week with and chill.

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Complete Home Styling

Transform your empty property into a five star Airbnb.

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Guest Experience

We deliver outstanding service to all guests, 24 hours a day.

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