What Makes Remote Work, Work?20180717061441

What Makes Remote Work, Work?

Callum ForbesJuly 17, 20180 comments
Flexible and remote work is an increasingly normalised component of fostering a work-life balance in contemporary workspaces. However, with flexible w...
Our Sales and Marketing Mastermind: Joseph Alzein20180716062441

Our Sales and Marketing Mastermind: Joseph Alzein

Callum ForbesJuly 16, 20180 comments
Joseph Alzein is and chill’s Chief Marketing Officer, spearheading the Marketing, Sales and Customer Success efforts. Interestingly, Joseph is liv...
Meet the Boss: Callum Forbes20180709055936

Meet the Boss: Callum Forbes

Callum ForbesJuly 9, 20180 comments
Callum Forbes is and chill’s Principal and Co-founder. Having an entrepreneurial drive from the age of twelve years old, Callum has always sought ...
Fostering a Supportive Team Environment20180702063140

Fostering a Supportive Team Environment

Callum ForbesJuly 2, 20180 comments
Here at and chill we’re all about supporting and developing our team. It is so important that our team is able to perform effectively amongst each...
Looking For a Career? Try Startup for a Change20180628065102

Looking For a Career? Try Startup for a Change

Callum ForbesJune 28, 20180 comments
We sat down with Tao Zhang, People and Culture Analyst at and chill, who took a leap into the deep end and chose to work at a startup. Completing his...
What I Learned From Hiring a Student20180621065237

What I Learned From Hiring a Student

Callum ForbesJune 21, 20180 comments
“Students are unequipped to handle the pressures of a startup environment.” “Why would you hire a student with no experience over a seasoned pro...
Home Stylist Files: Michael20180617065926

Home Stylist Files: Michael

Callum ForbesJune 17, 20180 comments
Michael John Veal is currently Home Styling Director at and chill. Born and bred in Melbourne, Michael is adept, productive and expressive. He loves...
Embracing Change and Automation in the Workplace20180614071113

Embracing Change and Automation in the Workplace

Callum ForbesJune 14, 20180 comments
Today’s modern workplace is a fast paced one. The case for change has become an obvious one in recent years but has left some employees behind. With...