Management letting rights, done right.

and chill can fully manage and operate strata-titled buildings for short term rentals. This allows lot owners to gain from the Airbnb boom with on-site letting agents.

Building Management.For short term renting your building needs to sparkle. We make sure guests and permanent residents always feel right at home with that extra TLC.
Letting Rights.With and chill on-site, property owners can receive value for money property management, with 24 hour five star service.

Offer 6% rental guarantees.

Make it easy for your sales team.

We work with developers to maximise overall returns for the development. This can be directly with property owners or in partnership with existing letting operators.

Property owners can be guaranteed a minimum rental yield - with the bonus of additional returns by capturing any additional upside.

Let's start a relationship.

Let's start a relationship.

We’re ready for you. Let’s chat about how we can allow your buyers to earn more from their investment with Airbnb.