The Challenges of Keeping Your Airbnb Property Clean

As an Airbnb host, cleaning should be at the top of your list of priorities. Don’t let the uncleanliness of your property be your worst enemy and eventually get you banned off Airbnb. Take a read of the following challenges and solutions that come about with keeping a property clean.

1. Time management 

All processes must be well managed and timed perfectly to ensure that guests aren’t disappointed. From the key exchange, check-ins and professional cleaning, everything must run smoothly to avoid any issues.

Tip: Organise a calendar which clearly notes all the tasks that need to be undertaken sequentially. Whilst you may have the required organisational tools, you still must invest time and effort for tasks to be executed seamlessly.


2. Being solely responsible for the cleaning

Some hosts choose to clean the Airbnb property themselves. If you are a host with one property this proves to be cost-effective. At times, you’ll probably find that you’re busy and won’t have the time to clean the property yourself.

Tip: to save money from hiring a cleaning service, you can find a local individual cleaner. With their help and a limited budget, this is a cost-effective solution. In saying so, make sure you can trust the cleaner. To cover your cleaning expenses, you can include a cleaning fee on the Airbnb website.


3. Multiple properties

For those who rent out multiple properties, hiring professional cleaning companies is recommended. When deciding which companies, make sure you’re picking those that have good reviews, fit within your budget and are known to offer the best services.

Tip: commercial cleaners are the most trustworthy and also use cutting-edge technology for mopping the floors, cleaning the curtains. Or sanitising the bathrooms. Some cleaners also opt for green cleaning – using herbal agents with zero chemicals in them.


4. Managing poor reviews

Be prepared to receive reviews or complaints about the cleanliness of your property. We know that it can be disheartening, especially after you think you have put an ample amount of effort into making sure your property is spick and span. As soon as you receive a negative review, you need to be able to handle it in a kind and respectful manner through clear communication.

Tip: A negative review can potentially work in your favour and serve as a public apology written in a sincere manner, in which you take on board any negative feedback and reassure the guest that you’re planning on fixing/ improving your service.


5. Maintenance of the Airbnb property

Guests will always want to enter an impeccable house that looks great and is tidy. Make sure that you are completely transparent with guests on the online listing and that you list only the amenities that are available.

Tip: For maintenance purposes, you should definitely photograph your property prior to guests staying in them. This is important for both yourself (and cleaners) to make sure that everything is kept in place and that furniture/ items aren’t stolen.


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