Your Property’s Unique Selling Point

What’s a unique selling point?

A factor that differentiates a product from its competitors. In property, this refers to how you can attempt buyers with attractive sales features. This adds buyer appeal to your property and turns into increased competition.

Try to enhance your property and find its unique selling point by reading the following:

Curb Appeal

First impressions are always the most important and memorable. To ensure this is maintained, make sure the exterior of your property is top notch! Make sure the lawn and shrubbery is well groomed, remove any chipped paint, make sure the mailbox, light fixtures and address numbers are in good condition.


A fresh coat of paint is a great way to revive tired walls, brighten hallways and highlight architectural features. Sometimes colour can be a defining factor creating quality results. Check out this Pretty in Pink themed home in Sydney’s southwest. Since this place went on the market, the property’s listing agents received endless calls with offers between $800,000 to $880,000.

Of course, sometimes going for those spunky colours aren’t as practical and sticking to neutral paint colours is timeless.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Keeping your kitchen and bathroom spick and span is important from the get-go. Mop the floors, polish appliances, scrub the cabinets inside and out, clean the tub, toilet and all hardware, and make sure that grout gets a good scrubbing. Mirrors and reflective surfaces needs to be free from filth and fingerprints.

Once you have gone out of your way to clean the rooms, you can then decide whether or not any additional measures need to be taken. A remodel or makeover might be appropriate. It might be as simple and cost effective as purchasing new knobs and handles for cabinets to revamp the space. Matching appliances are always more desirable, particularly stainless steel. It’s also worthwhile topping up scratches with some paint.

Additionally, if the bathroom sink and tub don’t match – epoxy paint is life changing! It’s all about refinishing these touches.

Know Your Competition

Look for properties that are similar in location, price and specs (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage etc). If a rival property is emphasising a renovated kitchen, and yours is 10 years old, steer clear of competing with their kitchen. Instead, find a different selling point. If you have an outdoor alfresco perfect for summer barbecues you could sell that. The point is, every property is special in its own way. You just need to find its desirable features and then advocate them.

Sell what your property has, and don’t focus on what it’s lacking.


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